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Like most authors, you've poured your heart and soul in to writing your book. Now you're searching for a company to edit and format your manuscript, design your perfect cover and get your book up for sale. And like many authors, you will have found a lot of independent publishing companies promising personalized care, "award winning" designers and editors and impressive sales channels. 

But the unfortunate experience of many independent authors is that these companies rarely deliver on their promises.

Their personalized service usually means you’ll be given a dedicated project manager with little to no experience in real world publishing. You’ll be lucky if you don’t end up having to deal with multiple project managers “dedicated” to your book. Their award winning editors and designers have rarely had experience in a major publishing house. And those impressive sales channels? They’re as simple as uploading your book to a couple of big-name online retailers.

In the end you'll pay a small fortune only to be left with a book that looks decidedly self-published and nothing like the books produced by the major publishing houses. The truth is, you're just another book to churn out, another customer to upsell their many expensive additional products to. You’re treated as a customer, not an author.  

Brass Knuckle Books co-founder, Alex Ross, was Creative Director at Penguin Random House for over 12 years. He has established relationships with the best editors and designers in the industry, many of whom now work with Brass Knuckle Books. Our designers and editors have, until now, worked almost exclusively for the major publishing houses on books for bestselling and celebrity authors. For perhaps the first time, independent authors can now have the very same designers and editors that the major publishing houses around the world use. 

At Brass Knuckle Books, we bring the publishing talent, expertise and author care learned from decades spent working for bestselling authors and in the largest publishing houses in the world. 

More importantly, with our decades of publishing experience we understand a simple core principle of publishing books, a principle many seem to have forgotten, or perhaps never even knew in the first place:

This is the very cornerstone of Brass Knuckle Books and the reason we founded this company. If you're an independent author, you deserve better. Brass Knuckle Books is here to make sure you get it. You are not a "customer", your needs should never come second to your publishers processes. You are the author, and it's a privilege for us to help you tell your story and bring your book to market. Every author and every book is unique, and we tailor our process to your book, not the other way around. 

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