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Brass Knuckle Books co-founder, Alex Ross, was Creative Director at Penguin Random House for over 12 years, designing covers and books for some of the most celebrated and famous authors in the world. After taking on his first independent author, Alex was shocked to learn just how much indie authors were paying for sub-standard service, performed by people with little to no real publishing knowledge. Their finished books looked decidedly "self published", and nothing like the books from the major publishers.

Unlike our competitors, we don't promise you award-winning editors and designers. Why? Because the best editors and designers who work for the major publishing houses don't give a damn about awards. All they care about is authors and their books. How do we know? Our co-founder Alex Ross and the talent we use are those editors and designers. We aren't going to promise you award-winning designers and editors. Instead, we're promising you the editors and designers who work on award-winning books. There's a big difference.

Unlike our competitors, we aren't going to sell you things you don't need.


We aren't going to sell you a "guaranteed #1 ranking" on Amazon's bestseller list. It doesn't make a lick of difference to how well your book sells. Amazon has an endless list of hourly bestseller categories. Having a screenshot of your book at #1 on one of those categories at 2am, somewhere in the world, makes no real difference. We aren't going to sell you endorsement quotes for your cover for the same reason. 


Our competitors charge independent authors a small fortune for low-quality, self-published looking books, for "bestseller" rankings that don't matter, and worthless endorsement quotes the make literally no difference to the sales of their books.  

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Brass Knuckle Books offers a complete suite of design and editorial services, Whatever your book needs, we've got you covered. From a simple proofread all the way through to a full senior editor response to your manuscript, structural and line editing, Brass Knuckle Books can help you fine tune your manuscript.


Our designers are among the very best in the world, with decades of experience in all categories of publishing. Whether you need a cover, a fully designed lifestyle book, cookbook, or an illustrated children's book we have the designers for the job.


Brass Knuckle Books connects authors to a global network of over 40,000 brick-and-mortar stores, online retailers and wholesalers in over 100 countries.

Gosh! 40,000?! That sounds like a lot, right? The truth is that this is simply a matter of uploading your book to Amazon and a couple of other select print and distribution specialists around the world. Basically, it isn't rocket science, but our competitors will charge you a small fortune for the very same thing. 

But a little bit of knowledge goes a long way. Not only can we ensure your book is designed and edited to the very same standard as the major publishing houses, but we make sure it's correctly uploaded, quality controlled and available in every format you need (paperback, hardback, ebook and audio). 

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We can provide customized marketing materials, social media support, websites  and advice on ways to promote your book. 

Promising you rigged #1 spots on bestseller lists, purchased endorsement quotes and endless other marketing tricks, in reality, does little for your book. 

There's a lot to consider when looking for the right publisher, and there's a lot of work that goes in to making a great book. Maybe you're not sure where to start, or what kind of help you need. Maybe you're already working with another publisher and need some expert independent advice on how your book is progressing. 

Brass Knuckle Books can help you with expert advice acquired from many years working inside major publishing houses on books of all genres and styles.


No matter the size of your project and regardless of whether or not you end up working with us, Brass Knuckle Books can help you figure out exactly what you need, and just as importantly, what you don't.


You definitely do not need to book a consult session to publish with Brass Knuckle Books! The consults are for one-on-one expert publishing advice. Our consult sessions are zero obligation, and we're not going to try to sell you anything. It's about empowering independent authors, regardless of which publisher they choose. However, should you choose to edit, design and publish your book with Brass Knuckle after a consult session, the full price of the consult will be deducted from your final invoice. 

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