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You’ve probably come across many publishing companies that list their prices, package deals and optional extras. Unfortunately, as reassuring as these upfront pricing packages might be, they're designed to benefit the publishers selling them, not authors. More often than not, authors will get less than they pay for, pay for things they don't need, or, worst of all, both. 

Telling you the cost to make your book before knowing anything about the book or you, almost certainly means you're going to be sold a second-rate, cookie-cutter publishing experience and disappointing final product. 

We couldn't imagine telling an author the cost of their project until we've spoken to them about their book, ideas and goals. Crazy idea, right? Even two nearly identical books, in the same genre with the same number of pages, will likely travel two completely different paths to arrive at a similar destination. 

Every Brass Knuckle Books project begins with us talking to the author to find out exactly what their book needs. 

The only fixed price we offer is for our 1-hour consulting session. To be clear, you don't need a consult session to publish with us. Our consult sessions are to provide expert publishing advice to authors, whether they are publishing with Brass Knuckle Books or not. All other prices below are simply intended as a rough guide and are based on fully customised work on a standard fiction or non-fiction book of approximately 300 pages, published to major publishing house standards.

From $1200

Cover design can be as simple as the author supplying the image they'd like to use, or as complex as both an inside and outside cover design incorporating many images and design treatments. 

Regardless of the cover's complexity, you will work directly with either our creative director or one of our designers to ensure your ideas and vision are considered within the design process. You will receive multiple concepts and variation ideas for your cover, and be able to provide feedback as we create the perfect cover for your paperback, hardback, ebook or audiobook. 

From $1200

Editorial is perhaps the hardest part to put a price on without knowing what the book requires. So much so that it feels silly even putting a dollar figure up there.


A complete edit involves an editor working with the author and providing structural feedback, followed by a comprehensive line edit. We also have proofreading services available for authors who are just looking for a final polish. Each of these steps can vary drastically in the amount of time and work involved. 

Again, this process begins with a conversation, where we'll establish what your book needs, and the most cost effective way to achieve the best possible result. 


A one-hour consult session with Brass Knuckle Books is probably more accurately described as a mini publishing masterclass. Not only can we answer any questions you have, but we arm authors with all of the knowledge they'll need to confidently make informed decisions for their books, regardless of who they choose to publish with.


(Please note that you DO NOT need to book a consult to work with us! If you do choose to edit, design and publish your book with Brass Knuckle Books after a consult, the consult fee will be deducted from the final price.)


  There's formatting, and then there's formatting. 

Every Brass Knuckle book is custom formatted from top to bottom, to major publishing house standard.  

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