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Brass Knuckle Books works with designers and editors who, until now, have worked exclusively for the world's major publishing houses.

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When you publish with Brass Knuckle Books, you’re connected to a global network of over 40,000 brick-and-mortar stores, online retailers and wholesalers in over 100 countries.


We can provide customized marketing materials, social media support and practical advice to help you promote your book. 

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Choosing the right publisher to make your book is a big decision. Our 1 hour consulting session is a mini masterclass on publishing. Maybe you need advice on where and how to start. Maybe your book is already underway and you need some honest advice and feedback on how your book is progressing. No matter where you're at on your publishing journey, we can help. There's zero obligation to use us, we won't be trying to sell you anything. We'll just be helping you and you book.   

Brass Knuckle Books co-founder, Alex Ross, was Creative Director at Penguin Random House for over 12 years. He has established relationships with the best editors and designers in the industry, many of whom now work with Brass Knuckle Books. Our designers and editors have, until now, worked almost exclusively for the major publishing houses on books for bestselling and celebrity authors. For perhaps the first time, independent authors can now work with the very same designers and editors that the major publishing houses around the world use. 

At Brass Knuckle Books, we bring the publishing talent, expertise and author care forged from decades spent working in the industry. 

More importantly, we understand a core principle of publishing books, a principle many seem to have forgotten, or perhaps never even knew in the first place:

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