I don't pull punches. My reviews are short, but rarely sweet.

In-depth analysis? Nobody has time for that shit. Use my patented* rating system to determine what you should read next!

None of the posts are sponsored, and I buy or borrow most of my own books (exceptions are noted). Check out your local Library - I bet it fucking rocks.

This website was created by Katie Edwards, a librarian. If you don't like it, you can go look at something else.

* Not really, so you can steal it, I guess. But I'll be pissed.


I accept books for review from established publishers. I do not accept payment in exchange for reviews. I mostly read YA books and adult fiction (especially mystery, fantasy and sci fi).

If you're interested in sending me a book to review, drop me a line at brassknucklebooks@gmail.com. I do not guarantee that your book will be reviewed, but I give all books at least 50 pages. Published reviews will be honest, and positive reviews cannot be guaranteed.



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