Visions by Kelly Armstrong

Review of Kelly Armstrong's Visions. "I'm going to have sex with whoever I want because I'm a grown woman." And also supernatural magic stuff!

Title: Visions (Cainsville #2)
Author: Kelly Armstrong
Genre: Fiction

Olivia, the main character in this series, spends a lot of time listening to other people (some of them supernatural) boss her around. Luckily, Olivia does not take their shit. Allow me to paraphrase a great example:

Gabriel: I am your lawyer and your friend. Do not have sex with that biker. He is Not Good for You.

Olivia: Fuck you, I'm going to have sex with whoever I want because I'm a grown woman.


Olivia's Ex-Boyfriend: OMG how COULD YOU!?

Olivia: Um, I'm really busy solving mysteries and having sex. I don't have time to worry about all of you.

... Refreshing, right?

I really liked the first book in this series, and the second is just as good. Olivia's quest to discover the truth about her parents takes a back seat to another investigation with Gabriel. We get some clues about what's up with the creepy town of Cainsville, but the mystery still stands.

I liked it a lot. Buy or borrow it!


3/5 Brass Knuckles

Full disclosure: I got it at the library because libraries are fucking awesome.

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