All Good Children by Catherine Austen

Review of All Good Children by Catherine Austen - from Brass Knuckle Book Reviews, librarians with an attitude.

Title: All Good Children
Author: Catherine Austen
Genre: YA
Reviewer: Alice

I got this book out of the library as a bit of a random choice off the shelf. So worth it! Like many YA novels these days (some shitty, some shiny), this one is dystopic. It's about a teenage boy who lives in a planned town in a society with many genetically-planned children who live carefully planned lives.

Max, the main character, is one of the most real teenage characters I can remember reading. He is angry and smart and artistic. He can be an asshole. No punches pulled in the language in this book (although if the word "fuck" bothers you, you probably aren't reading this blog).

Behaviour-altering drugs are the big threat in this book – think Stepford Children. Parts are downbeat, but overall it is a celebration of freedom and creativity. A dark but enjoyable read. Funny and disturbing at the same time!

Buy it!


4/5 Brass Knuckles

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  1. Love it "If you don't like Fuck you aren't reading this blog" lol


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