A Creature of Moonlight by Rebecca Hahn

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Title: A Creature of Moonlight
Author: Rebecca Hahn
Genre: YA

Marni is a princess in exile. She lives only because her uncle, the king, chooses to ignore her and her parentage. But that won't last much longer, because her father is a dragon, and the dragon's woods are closing in. That's right - the forest is literally moving in on the kingdom. It's pretty fucking cool.

Marni is a princess, but there is no mincing or fainting in this book. If you tick her off, she will punch you in the nose. Or possibly knit a creature from moonlight and tell it to kill you. Don't mess with her.

This book has all the best elements of fantasy: moving trees, magical and dangerous creatures, assassination attempts, mysterious parentage, a kick-ass heroine, and lots of adventure. I don't want to tell you more because I don't want to run it.

Just buy it. It's fucking awesome.


4/5 Brass Knuckles

Full disclosure: I got this for Christmas, SCORE. 

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