Living Hell by Catherine Jinks

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Title: Living Hell
Author: Catherine Jinks
Genre: YA

Catherine Jinks has written some great books (see Evil Genius and The Reformed Vampire Support Group). Living Hell is not one of them.

Cheney lives on a spaceship where life is controlled and serene... until a radiation wave hits them. Then the ship comes to life and attacks the inhabitants! Fucking awesome, right? WRONG. 

When the cover has a picture of spaceship tentacles attacking people, I want some ACTION. Instead, the book starts with a whoooooole lot of talking. Despite this, I still didn't give a shit about any of the characters when they FINALLY started getting eaten. 

Jinks gives us a lot of graphic descriptions of bodies and deaths and gross things the ship is doing, which is great at first. But there are so MANY graphic descriptions of ooze and squish, it gets fucking repetitive. You get desensitized. And when you don't care about the people who are being squished, the story is not particularly compelling.

I love a good B movie, but this is more like a D movie. Pass. 

Do not click here, do not buy this book.


1/5 Brass Knuckles

Full disclosure: I paid cold hard cash for this, and then sold it to the used book store for about $2.

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