Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days #1) by Susan Ee

Title: Angelfall
Author: Susan Ee
Genre: YA

This book is about angels, but not the Anne Geddes kind. The kind that will rip your fucking face off.

The main character, Penryn, lives in a post-apocalyptic world. Basically, a bunch of angels appeared and started fucking shit up and destroying humanity. No one knows why.

Penryn's situation sucks even more than other survivors because her mother is completely out to lunch. This leaves Penryn responsible for her little sister, who promptly gets carried away by a dickhead angel. Luckily, Penryn kicks A WHOLE LOT OF ASS. In fact, one of the first things she does is save an angel who's had his wings chopped off by some other angels (rude, I know). Oh, PS - the angel she saves is super hot.

This book is really disturbing in some places, but also totally goddamn awesome. You should buy the second book in the series right away because you will want to read it as soon as you finish this one.

Basically the only bad thing about Angelfall is that the heroine is named Penryn. But you get used to it, don't worry.

Oh wait, one more drawback: this is a FIVE-BOOK series. WTF, authors? You guys are killing me with these series. Serieses? What's the plural of series? Godammit!

Anyhow, despite these minor complaints, these books kick fucking ass, and you should buy them immediately.


4/5 Brass Knuckles

Full disclosure: I stole a copy from my sister, then bought it because I wanted it for ME ME ME.

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  1. I just got this out of the library and then immediately borrowed the next book too.


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